Our ability to understand and be understood can have a positive impact on our experiences. By giving the gift of language to your children, you’re training their brains to solve complex problems, boost creativity, build self-esteem and increase attention span.

Learning a foreign and new language involves effort, for both children and adults, but the younger you are the easier it is – after all, do you remember learning to speak English?

My approach is to use different teaching techniques, catered to the individual child to allow them to explore the language and enjoy the process of speaking and learning this new skill. But it always has to be fun!

I use the MPF technique – Meaning, Pronunciation and Form. The lessons will use all three of these so children are able to learn new words and understand grammar structure.

We usually begin a lesson with a short review of previous, prerequisite learning or with a short discussion about a topic of interest to get the children talking and to feel comfortable. I present new material in small segments and always review to ensure comprehension. I use games and fun exercises for better retention.

The most important part is to overcome inhibitions in a safe and comfortable environment and practice speaking about subjects that are interesting to them under the guidance of experienced native speakers like me.

Currently I speak and teach four languages:

  • German (my mother language)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Due to the current situation, I am able to teach lessons online using different apps such as What’s App, Facetime, Skype or Google hangout. My schedule is flexible to allow for the best time that meets your needs.


Trial lesson (45 min): 45 CHF (net)

Hourly rate (45 min): 95 CHF (net)

24 lesson pkg (24 x 45 min): 1800 CHF (net)

Travel expenses: 15 CHF / day (net)


In collaborating with your child, we will find out together what is fun for them and how they can transform their ideas into a creative masterpiece.

Encounters with art give us new stimuli and ideas, which we can implement creatively in our work. Together with your child, we will decide which technique is most suitable:

  • acrylic paint
  • poster/collage
  • wet in wet technique
  • pastel chalks and oil chalks
  • gouache (water-dilutable)
  • hot wax drawings
  • watercolor pencils
  • watercolors

It’s important that your child enjoys this process of creating. My enthusiastic and admiring way of communicating allows the children to let go of some inhibitions and open themselves up to self-expression through the meta-language of art.

The benefits of art and being creative for kids, is just a fun activity, but it also helps them further develop their fine motor skills and can allow them to process and deal with their emotions in a safe way.


Trial lesson (45 min): 45 CHF (net)

Hourly rate (45 min): 75 CHF (net)

10 lesson pkg (10 x 45 min): 600 CHF (net)

Travel expenses: 15 CHF / day (net)


Does your child have difficulty focusing and controlling impulses? Are they glued to their technology? Do they find it difficult to move from one activity to another? Or do they seem disorganized?

Living with ADD myself, I can attest to the challenges and struggles your child may be feeling. Fortunately, I discovered tools and techniques to support and motivate me through my schooling and everyday life and have now developed a new program to support kids in similar circumstances.

In my 12-week program I use reward-based behaviour to help kids learn and bring calm to their lives. Studies show this approach can increase the ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain. Through the program, I consult parents and children on food, exercise, music and art classes and mindfulness techniques, all to help your child be more focused and feel better.

My work is predominantly with children from ages 6 – 12 years old. I build trust and maintain a safe environment to allow your child to feel comfortable as we work on how to deal with their strong emotions and how to maintain their attention. Each child is different and I cater the program to their individual needs and strengths.

Mindfulness is a growing tool  you hear so much about and is and a great asset in my 12-week program. It allows children to monitor their thoughts and feelings without judgments or other reactivity. They develop an awareness and understanding of their emotions and how it manifests in their bodies.

After the completion of the 12-week program children have shown their ADHD symptoms to have significantly decreased. I also feel it’s important to maintain consistency and continue to provide support to your child and you.


Trial lesson (45 min): 45 CHF (net)

12 week coaching: 1600 CHF (net)

Assistance (45 min): 95 CHF (net)

Travel expenses: 15 CHF / day (net)


I love to explore our world through language and travel. Over the past 15 years, I’ve travelled extensively and have grown an understanding of culture and different perspectives from around the world. I am also able to communicate in four different languages, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

For over a decade I have been working with children, specifically children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I help them to concentrate better by practicing mental and body exercises and teach them how to use creativity and form that kind of space in their everyday life.

My career began teaching at three of the most reputable private/independent schools in Bristol, United Kingdom: Bristol Grammar School, Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital and Clifton High School. My passion for teaching art grew after studying “intercultural communications” in Cologne, Germany and Art at Freie Kunsthochschule in Stuttgart, Germany. Today, I use my training to teach children how to channel their creativity through art.

I am also a certified ski instructor and teach children from around the world the joy of skiing at Davos, Switzerland.

I was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. I am currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. I enjoy being close to the mountains, lakes and nature. I love going skiing in winter and hiking and riding in the summer. For me Zurich is the best place to be.

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«Kids know more about themselfes and the world they life in, than we can imagine. I'll help them to express their feelings»

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